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Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Toronto Condo?
How can you tell if it’s the right time to buy a condo?First of all, there is not an exact formula that determines if now is the time. There are some important things to consider, but no black and white answer.But wait:There are many ways you can get an idea of the state of Toronto’s real estate market at the time you’re hoping to buy. Then, you can see if buying is a solid option for you at this time.What ways can I tell if now is a good time to buy a condo?To begin:Talk to a professi..
The Best Older Condos in Toronto | Top 5 “Fine Wine Condo” Buildings
New condos are the best investment right? Not always. Consider this:Right now, since there are so many buildings under construction, condos even 5 years old aren’t considered “new” enough for buyers seeking an untouched condo for sale.What does that means for older buildings?First of all, the genuinely older condominiums stand out from the towers. In a market place with as many options as Toronto has, these buildings will forever have a niche spot in buyers’ minds.In addition, buyers a..
Toronto Real Estate Agent Reviews | DO REVIEWS MATTER?
What is one thing available in today’s Real Estate Market that wasn’t available in decades past?Access to a wealth of online reviews!When choosing a real estate agent in Toronto it used to be all about referrals and even blindly calling a number on an advertisement. (Bus benches, big hair, and white-toothed grins come to mind. Ah, the 80’s).But now:While these ads still exist, and many might feature quality agents, today you also have so much more knowledge right at your fingertips.So, with..
Are you looking for a FREE Toronto Home Evaluation?Are you thinking of selling your Toronto Home or Condo, but not sure of its value?Do you want to get the MOST money for your home with the least amount of hassle?You've come to the right place. We've been helping buyers and sellers since 2001 and have a reputation built on results, honesty and trust. We are happy to offer you a free NO-OBLIGATION home or condo evaluation. We'll tell you what your Toronto home is worth, provide you with advice an..
Downtown Toronto Lofts For Sale Under 800K
Lofts are among the coolest properties for sale in Toronto. With high ceilings, soaring windows, and perhaps some exposed concrete or wood beams, lofts have their own unique character that is appealing to many buyers. When you think of Toronto lofts, you might picture ones that are simply out of budget. Hard Lofts, ones that are converted from heritage buildings such as churches or factories, often cost over a million dollars to own. They are older buildings that are both one of a kind..
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