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5 Ways To Find a Cheap Downtown Condo in Toronto
Where can you find affordable condos in downtown Toronto?You might be thinking: I know the answer to that question. There are no affordable downtown condos. End of story. Right?First of all, we can see why many people think this. Trying to find a condo in Toronto might seem like you have to choose between location and affordability. Either you have to give up a central location and save money OR live where you want downtown and be in over your head financially. But wait!This ..
Toronto Condos Under 500k: 10 Neighbourhoods That Are Still Affordable
I think you'll agree with me when I say:IT'S HARD TO FIND A CONDO UNDER $500K IN TORONTO!Or is it?Well it turns out that 'Yes!", there are Toronto condos available for under half a million dollars, and no- they aren’t all far from downtown! There are plenty of condos for sale in Downtown Toronto under $500k.If you are looking to buy a condo in Toronto, we all know Toronto is an expensive place to buy real estate, but there are options available that you might not have considered. Condos and cond..
Unique History of 5 Toronto Neighbourhoods
One of the most exciting things about living in Toronto is its ever-evolving landscape. New communities are constantly developing, new buildings are becoming homes, and Toronto’s industries continue to grow along with its people. Before these Toronto neighbourhoods became what we know them as now, they had some interesting pasts. Businesses, immigration, and social movements all contributed to the formation of our city.So, let’s take a look at 5 Toronto Neighbourhoods With Unique Historie..
Best Toronto Neighbourhoods For Students (By School)
When you’re studying in Toronto, whether it’s your hometown or a new adventure, you may be looking for a place that's close to school and that you’ll love calling home. If you are enrolled in college or university, you are probably seeking a neighbourhood with a fun energy and one that has more affordable options close to campus. Textbooks are expensive after all!So, here are some areas to consider when looking for Toronto Neighbourhoods Ideal For Students (By School): ..
Best Toronto Neighbourhoods For Young Professionals
When you’re considering moving to a new home in Toronto, lifestyle and budget are the two major deciding factors about where you buy or rent. Young working people most often want to be close to work, while also walkable to restaurants, entertainment, and night life. Whether renting or buying, condos are a great way to live in your ideal neighbourhood, while also offering a turn-key lifestyle and exciting amenities!If you want to be able to get to and from work fast, AND enjoy an active lo..
7 Best Toronto Neighbourhoods For Young Families
Toronto buyers and renters are all looking for a home that will be the right fit for them. If you’re a parent, you want to find a home in a neighbourhood where your children will also thrive. From children’s recreation and activities to schools and parks, there is a lot to consider when trying to find the right place for your family. While there are many areas that young families enjoy living in, here are 7 of Toronto's favourite familiy friendly neighbourhoods to check out when looking f..
Toronto's Favourite Factory Lofts
Toronto’s Factory LoftsIf you love historic character and unique industrial style, factory conversions are sure to catch your eye. Toronto has many lofts carved out of former factories. While the Distillery District is aptly named for its history, there are also many areas that were once primarily industrial. Heritage buildings remain, many with intriguing names that remind us of their past.The lofts within these former factories feature exposed brick walls, metal and timber beams, and ware..
Toronto's Favourite Church Lofts
Toronto’s historic churches offer us some of the most striking and beautiful architecture in the city. When they are no longer being used as a place of worship, it would be a shame to see these grand buildings torn down. Instead, many condo developers have embarked upon painstaking restoration/transformation projects by turning heritage churches into one-of-a-kind hard lofts. Soaring timber beams, stained glass windows, and bell tower lookouts are just some of the reasons Church condos are ..
East Side vs. West Side Toronto: What's the Difference?
Buying in East Toronto vs. West Toronto(What’s the difference?)The debate over which is better, East Side or West Side, is one with no losers (Toronto is pretty great no matter which side you live on)! Yonge Street is seen as the invisible dividing line between the two.While many people argue one side is better than the other, there are areas on each side that are amazing places to call home. Where you’ll be happiest really depends on your individual lifestyle and wish list. So, let’s take a loo..
Toronto Neighbourhoods Ideal For First Time Buyers
Best Toronto Neighbourhoods For First Time Buyers Does a home in Toronto feel out of reach within your budget? Let’s be honest, the Toronto real estate market is known for being an expensive place to buy a home. Often very expensive. However, if you are a first time buyer don't despair- there is still hope!Whether you’re looking for a condo apartment or a single family home, there are still less pricey areas. Of course, if you’re willing to live in a smaller space or do some renov..
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