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Toronto Real Estate Agent Reviews | DO REVIEWS MATTER?
What is one thing available in today’s Real Estate Market that wasn’t available in decades past?Access to a wealth of online reviews!When choosing a real estate agent in Toronto it used to be all about referrals and even blindly calling a number on an advertisement. (Bus benches, big hair, and white-toothed grins come to mind. Ah, the 80’s).But now:While these ads still exist, and many might feature quality agents, today you also have so much more knowledge right at your fingertips.So, with..
Are you looking for a FREE Toronto Home Evaluation?Are you thinking of selling your Toronto Home or Condo, but not sure of its value?Do you want to get the MOST money for your home with the least amount of hassle?You've come to the right place. We've been helping buyers and sellers since 2001 and have a reputation built on results, honesty and trust. We are happy to offer you a free NO-OBLIGATION home or condo evaluation. We'll tell you what your Toronto home is worth, provide you with advice an..
Easy Home Staging Tips
You’re planning on selling your home and want to make it stand out. However, you don’t want to take on any big renovations. You want your property to appeal to buyers without having to spend too much time or money on a complete makeover. It’s amazing how some easy and inexpensive staging tips can make all the difference!You can hire a professional stager, or talk to your real estate agent about what they offer. Likely they either offer staging services, can give advice, ..
DIY Or Hire A Professional?
  What Home Improvements You Can Do vs. What To Leave to The Experts. When you’re looking into repairs for your home, the cost can be intimidating. Many people choose the “do it yourself” option to save money. Pros don’t come cheap, so cutting out labour costs is a great way to come in on budget. However, some proje..
Seller’s Guide To Home Inspections
As a buyer, getting a home inspection done helps you decide whether to put in an offer on a property, and how much you are willing to offer. When issues are revealed buyers will often attempt to negotiate a lower price, factoring in what repairs will cost. When you’re a seller, the home inspection also very much affects you. Here are some frequently asked questions about Home Inspections From A Seller’s Point of View: Should I get a home inspection done before I list?It is a very good ide..
What Renos Add The Most Value?
If you’re hoping to sell your house in the near future, you may be considering doing some upgrades to increase its value. How do you know which renos are going to make your home more attractive to buyers and therefore more beneficial to you? Remember: Just because you put $50,000 into a renovation it doesn’t mean you’ll get that (or more) back. You have to spend wisely and plan your improvements well. Like we mentioned in What Renos Do NOT ..
What Renos Do NOT Add Value?
If you’re planning on selling your home you want to make sure it is attractive to buyers, and ultimately sells for a great price. Therefore, there are some upgrades you may want to consider. Some sellers choose to do renovations to add value to their home. However, some renovations don’t actually add the value you want. The definition of a Reno that does NOT add value is one that costs more up front than it will earn you later. So, while a ren..
Get Your Home Ready To Sell: A Checklist
How Can I Get My Home Ready For Sale? Deciding to sell is a big decision. It can simply feel like too much to take on! However, selling your current house or condo is necessary before you can find your next ideal home. With some professional guidance and yes, some work, you can prepare your home to sell.Here is a Checklist for Getting Your Home Ready To Sell:Starting Points: Declutter & Organize Whose Home is it Anyway: Buyers have a hard time looking past personal photos..
5 Reasons Why Your Toronto Home Isn't Selling
Why Do Some Listings NOT Sell?If a listing is sitting on the market for too long without selling, it is a very stressful scenario for the seller. It is especially unnerving if the seller needs to move soon, like if they are about to close on a new property. They need their current place to sell. Yet, whether it’s a seller’s market or not, some properties linger longer than others. Why is that?If a listing is growing old on the market, there are common factors that usually have somethin..
Toronto's Favourite Factory Lofts
Toronto’s Factory LoftsIf you love historic character and unique industrial style, factory conversions are sure to catch your eye. Toronto has many lofts carved out of former factories. While the Distillery District is aptly named for its history, there are also many areas that were once primarily industrial. Heritage buildings remain, many with intriguing names that remind us of their past.The lofts within these former factories feature exposed brick walls, metal and timber beams, and ware..
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