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The 5 Cheapest Downtown Toronto Condos for Rent RIGHT NOW
Chances are, if you’re looking for a Toronto condo for rent, you are often overwhelmed by downtown prices. Are there really no options for under $2000 per month?  Actually, if you are persistent you can still find a great place for a fair price. Especially when working with a Realtor, who has access to listings you might have overlooked or not even seen. These are the 5 Cheapest Downtown Condos for Rent in Toronto RIGHT NOW. **Note: These are an example from the week we ..
5 Ways To Find a Cheap Downtown Condo in Toronto
Where can you find affordable condos in downtown Toronto?You might be thinking: I know the answer to that question. There are no affordable downtown condos. End of story. Right?First of all, we can see why many people think this. Trying to find a condo in Toronto might seem like you have to choose between location and affordability. Either you have to give up a central location and save money OR live where you want downtown and be in over your head financially. But wait!This ..
Where to Find A 3 Bedroom Toronto Condo - For Less than 900k
We all know space can be tight in condo apartments, right? However, with quality features, amenities, and ideal Toronto locations the condo lifestyle offers plenty to love. Still want more space with the benefits of condo living? 3 Bedroom condos might be what you’re after. Yet, you are probably noticing the search for these larger units is more difficult than you wish it was. Or, you might have been shown 2 bedroom condos with a “den” that masqueraded in the listing as a possible..
Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Toronto Condo?
How can you tell if it’s the right time to buy a condo?First of all, there is not an exact formula that determines if now is the time. There are some important things to consider, but no black and white answer.But wait:There are many ways you can get an idea of the state of Toronto’s real estate market at the time you’re hoping to buy. Then, you can see if buying is a solid option for you at this time.What ways can I tell if now is a good time to buy a condo?To begin:Talk to a professi..
Toronto Real Estate Agent Reviews | DO REVIEWS MATTER?
What is one thing available in today’s Real Estate Market that wasn’t available in decades past?Access to a wealth of online reviews!When choosing a real estate agent in Toronto it used to be all about referrals and even blindly calling a number on an advertisement. (Bus benches, big hair, and white-toothed grins come to mind. Ah, the 80’s).But now:While these ads still exist, and many might feature quality agents, today you also have so much more knowledge right at your fingertips.So, with..
Toronto Condos Under 500k: 10 Neighbourhoods That Are Still Affordable
I think you'll agree with me when I say:IT'S HARD TO FIND A CONDO UNDER $500K IN TORONTO!Or is it?Well it turns out that 'Yes!", there are Toronto condos available for under half a million dollars, and no- they aren’t all far from downtown! There are plenty of condos for sale in Downtown Toronto under $500k.If you are looking to buy a condo in Toronto, we all know Toronto is an expensive place to buy real estate, but there are options available that you might not have considered. Condos and cond..
10 Ideas for Decorating on a Budget
If you want to make your house or condo look amazing on a budget, there are many exciting ways to begin decorating. These cost-saving ideas will not only look great but will also make your home uniquely yours. After all, some of the best pieces in your home will be ones you created or found, because they have the best stories. If you'r ready to decorate a new home or redo your current space, consider some of these easy and affordable ideas.Wall Hangings for Less:Nothing adds personalit..
Should I Buy a Fixer Upper in Toronto?
When looking for the right home for you, location and budget are of course going to be top of mind. When you have decided between condo vs. house, then it’s time to decide between turn-key vs. fixer-upper. If you have a certain neighbourhood you want to buy into, sometimes “fixer-upper” homes are what you can afford. Or, you might be able to get a larger home with more bedrooms than other homes in the area if it needs some work. These types of homes are also a great opportunity for investm..
Freehold Vs. Condo Townhouse: What’s the Difference?
 You might be looking at properties and notice the word “freehold.” This word, associated with townhomes in Toronto, leads to some confusion. When you prepare to buy a townhome you might assume it will be a condominium, where you pay monthly maintenance fees and share any common amenities. However, freehold townhomes are on the market too, and are different in a few key ways. What exactly is a freehold townhome? How is it different than the type of ownership..
Townhouse vs. House: 5 Considerations For Toronto Buyers
Townhouse vs. House: 5 Considerations If you’ve decided you want a low-rise home, it’s worth comparing condo townhouses and single-family houses before deciding to buy. What are the differences between the two? Which one will be better suited for you- for both your budget and your lifestyle? To help you decide, these are some of the things to consider when deciding between Buying a Townhouse vs. a House:  1. Purchase Price As ..
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