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Top 5 Cheapest Toronto Lofts for Sale RIGHT NOW
Let's be honest: There are few things in Toronto reaestate with as cool of a reputation as lofts. From hard lofts with exposed brick and beams to modern “soft lofts” with soaring windows and concrete ceilings, they are truly spectacular places to call home in the city. Yet, can you actually find a Toronto loft with all the style you’re looking for AND a great location AND at an affordable asking price?While lofts are among the higher priced condos, this is partly due to the extremely l..
The 5 Cheapest Downtown Toronto Condos for Rent RIGHT NOW
Chances are, if you’re looking for a Toronto condo for rent, you are often overwhelmed by downtown prices. Are there really no options for under $2000 per month?  Actually, if you are persistent you can still find a great place for a fair price. Especially when working with a Realtor, who has access to listings you might have overlooked or not even seen. These are the 5 Cheapest Downtown Condos for Rent in Toronto RIGHT NOW. **Note: These are an example from the week we ..
The Top 5 Cheapest Condos in Toronto RIGHT NOW
Are you looking for a Toronto condo for a surprisingly affordable price? Look no further! These are the cheapest condos for sale this week. Some are even 2-3 bedrooms, have lake views, and are in neighbourhoods you will love. This week they are ALL under $258,000. Not kidding.**Please Note: These are the 5 cheapest condos for sale in Toronto right now. For an always up to date search for the 5 cheapest any week you’re reading this, check out our custom search o..
Best Interior Design Trends of 2018
Looking for some interior design inspiration this year? If you are buying a new home in 2018 or simply want to freshen up your space, there are many beautiful and unique ideas that will make every room look amazing. We gathered up some of our favorite ideas, and added a few that are still popular in home design- for good reason. Certain “trends” become lasting staples of style after all! Here are some of the Interior Design Trends You’ll Love in 2018 (and for years to come): Hello Colour..
How To Rent Out Your Toronto Condo (To The RIGHT Tenant)
How To Rent Out Your Condo (To the Right Tenant) Many Toronto condo owners choose to rent out their unit. Some bought it as an investment property, while others plan to live in the condo in the future. Before you rent out your property, however, you will want to make sure you know more about the legality of renting in Toronto, and make sure you find a reliable tenant.  What are the steps involved in preparing a condo for rental? How can you protect yo..
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