High Park-Swansea

What to know and love about this Toronto neighbourhood

Welcome to High Park-Swansea

The High Park-Swansea neighbourhood is one of the most beloved places in Toronto, by residents and visitors alike.  High Park Residential homes in the neighbourhood include heritage architecture and stylish condominiums. Incredible parklands and spacious character homes line leafy streets. The area is very popular with families who have children because of the great schools and parks. High Park itself is magnificent and expansive. It has pools, playgrounds, playing fields, Grenadier Pond, the High Park Zoo, and more. Bloor West Village is located in the area, and is where you’ll find the best specialty shops, restaurants, pubs, and cafes. Swansea area is also home to Rennie Park which has a tennis court and an ice rink. High Park-Swansea is a fantastic neighbourhood that has long been considered one of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods.

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 “you’ll love”

Your non-human neighbours! The area is well known for it’s historic High Park Zoo, where children can visit an array of unique animals, such as reindeer, bison, llamas, and capybaras. The High Park cherry blossoms also bloom here each spring, attracting crowds from all over Toronto to admire the amazing flowering trees along winding trails. The Park also offers children’s programs, including camps and activities in the nature garden. The Zoo is a city treasure that has delighted High Park residents and visitors for generations. 

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Real estate in High Park is most popular with working age people from 25-64. Families with children also love High Park-Swansea. Now that more condos have been added to the community, there are many young couples and professionals moving into the neighbourhood. 

Local Insight: “The off-leash dog area in High Park is the best one in Toronto. Not only is there space for my dog to run, there is even an off-leash trail!” 

 what its like to live here

What to Expect: Beauty and convenience. High Park-Swansea is built around the stunning High Park and Rennie Parks. Anything a park can offer is all right here. Swim, explore, cycle, play, and dine within the lush grounds of these local landmarks. Then, walk to any business you need along Bloor Street West. If you are taking the TTC, there are many bus routes through the streets of High Park, including along Bloor Street West and Runnymede Road. For commuting by subway you can quickly get to High Park station, Runnymede station, or Jane station. If you’re taking the car, it takes less than ten minutes to get to the Gardiner Expressway. 

What NOT to Expect: Though there are bars in High Park-Swansea, this is a family-friendly area overall. Therefore, if you want an active night life, you’ll want to go downtown. 

A Day in the Life: Eat breakfast at your High Park condo, overlooking lush tree-lined streets. As you head out on your bike, sun dapples through the branches and people head toward the trails. Ride along the pathways of High Park, enjoying a relaxing and scenic route by the pond. Stop for lunch at the Grenadier Cafe, where you run into your friends from pilates class. Then, walk over to the amphitheatre where Shakespeare in the Park is just kicking off their next performance of Romeo and Juliet. After the final bow, get dinner with your family at a local restaurant. 

In Summary: High Park is a gorgeous Toronto neighbourhood with remarkable outdoor space, charming homes, and great local businesses. 

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