What to know and love about this Toronto neighbourhood

Welcome to Wexford-Maryvale

Wexford-Maryvale is a neighbourhood in Scarborough, Toronto. It is located south of Highway 401 in a residential pocket full of charming bungalows and tree lined streets. It is a laid-back, family friendly area where you can find a great home for less than some of Toronto's other East End neighbourhoods. Shop at Golden Mile, easily drive on the nearby 401, or access one of the many convenient TTC routes in the area. 

 “you’ll love”

The malls and schools. Wexford Maryvale has many popular malls and fantastic schools, perfect for families with children or those seeking a relaxed yet conveniently located Toronto community. 

 the neighbours

Are a diverse mix of families, retirees, and couples seeking an affordable but inviting Toronto neighbourhood. See why it was called on of Toronto's Top 10 neighbourhoods by Toronto.com!

 what its like to live here

Enjoy the kind of lifestyle Torontonians had in the 50's, living in post-war bungalows on winding residential streets. This Scarborough neighbourhood remains a great place to raise kids, shop, and make friends with your neighbours. 

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