The Annex

What to know and love about this Toronto neighbourhood

Welcome to The Annex

The Annex is a midtown Toronto neighbourhood with a vibrant community feel. The area is close to the University of Toronto and Little Italy, which means there is a lot of energy! The Annex condos are popular with students and creative types who enjoy the variety of local businesses in The Annex. You'll find quirky cafes and casual restaurants, along with art galleries and museums on Bloor Street West. The homes in The Annex are stately older homes with grand Victorian style. There are also Subway Stations close by for convenient trips by TTC. See a film at Hot Docs or explore exhibits at Bata Shoe Museum. Wherever you go in The Annex, you're sure to find something you'll love!!

 “you’ll love”

Dining and entertainment. No matter what your style The Annex has both restaurants and venues for you. There are both casual and upscale restaurants on Bloor St West, and venues for both classical music and hard rock. There is also an active night life scene in The Annex; at pubs, bars, and unique restaurants along Dupont and Bathurst.

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There are both condominiums and single family homes for sale in The Annex. Just over half of the residences in the area are over five storeys, with U of T students and working age residents in Annex condos. There is also a large senior population living in the more expensive homes in the area. 

Local Insight: "My friend and I meet after work at Snakes and Lattes (cafe). We have coffee, or beer, and get really competitive over whatever game we pull of the shelf!" 

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What to Expect: Personality of thriving local businesses. Shop and dine along all the major streets, tour the ROM, and head home for dinner at the pub down the street. Each business is unique and there are restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Commuters can find many subway stations in the Annex, including St George, Bathurst, and Spadina. If you study or work at U of T or Queens Park, you can walk there from many areas in The Annex!

What NOT to Expect: More affordable homes. Houses for sale in The Annex are larger detached residences, so they tend to be expensive. However, there are condos in The Annex that allow buyers to get into the area for less than the price of Annex houses.

A Day in the Life: Have coffee on your Annex condo with views of charming tree-lined streets on one side and lively Bloor West on the other. Then, pick up a croissant sandwich at a local bistro before walking to the U of T campus. After class, meet your friends at Madison Avenue Pub and toast your passing grade in a historic Annex mansion. In the evening see a lively rock concert at Lee's Palace and dance all night! Walk home through the more laid back streets near your home.

In Summary: The Annex is known for gorgeous homes, artistic destinations, and a local restaurant scene with vibrant personality. 

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