St Lawrence Market

What to know and love about this Toronto neighbourhood

Welcome to St Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in downtown Toronto, and has never stopped evolving. From its past as an industrial hub, to its modern community vivacity, St. Lawrence has deep roots in Toronto culture. The market itself is world-famous, and has been attracting locals and tourists for over two hundred years. The area continues to expand with businesses and condos. It’s a great place for people of all ages and interests, with the architecture of the market and the Flat Iron Building, The Esplanade’s shopping options, and David Crombie Park’s great outdoor space. The neighbourhood’s history and vibrant culture make every street a destination. 

 “you’ll love”

The food! Like many Toronto areas, there is an active shopping and restaurant culture, but what sets St. Lawrence aside is the market. Locals, and tourists from around the globe, travel here for an experience like nowhere else. National Geographic even rated the St Lawrence Market as the best food market in the world. We’ll eat to that! 

 the neighbours

Are diverse, much like the neighbourhood they call home. Working age people, young families, and retirees from many cultures reside here. Real estate in St. Lawrence Market ranges in price, and is always in demand.  

Local Insight: “Rube’s Rice is a vendor in the St. Lawrence Market with rice and beans from around the world. He’s been there forever, and is still going strong.” 

 what its like to live here

What to Expect: Entertainment and variety. The market is open weekdays, the Farmer’s Market is on Saturday, and the Antiques Market ends the weekend with a nod to the past on Sunday. The Sony Centre and eight other theatres dot the area. Shopping and dining options are endless, and the St. Lawrence Community Centre provides recreation all year. There are budget friendly and luxury condos in St. Lawrence Market. Subway commuters have King and Union Stations nearby, and drivers can easily take the Gardiner Expressway. 


What NOT to Expect: A low-traffic, quiet area. The market overflows with visitors and tourists, especially on the weekend. Busyness is part of a St. Lawrence weekend, so expect crowds and plan extra travel time. 

A Day in the Life: Get up Saturday morning and join the energy inside the St. Lawrence Market. Sample fresh food like the classic peameal bacon sandwich (which debuted at the market in the 1800’s), or try something new. Dine surrounded by centuries-old brick, delicious aromas, and excited people. Go for a walk in David Crombie park and shop at a local store. In the evening see a play at Bluma Appel Theatre, or a concert at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts followed by dinner at your favourite restaurant. Food and culture are never far away when you live by the market.  

In Summary: St. Lawrence Market is a vibrant area in Toronto, and the market is one of the country’s best historic and cultural destinations. 

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