What to know and love about this Toronto neighbourhood

Welcome to Leslieville

Leslieville is a laid-back Toronto neighbourhood east of downtown. It’s a perfect place for a cool and calm life in the city. Head to eclectic shops, trendy coffee shops, and varied restaurants on Queen East. Or visit Gerrard Street East where Little India beckons people with delicious food and lively street music. There are also great parks, schools, and pleasant residential streets. Grocery stores, recording studios, libraries, and a shopping centre are also in the area. Greenwood Park and Woodbine Park are relaxing spaces to have a picnic, walk the dog, or play baseball. Leslieville even connects through Queen Street to The Beaches, with more shopping alongside water views and sandy shores. Leslieville attracts buyers and business with its eclectic appeal and walkable restaurant scene. 

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The easygoing lifestyle and local business. The larger parks are highlights of the neighbourhood, but smaller parks like Leslie Grove and Maple Leaf Forever Park add nature to side streets. You can even access the Leslie Street Spit, a scenic conservation area with trails on the lake. If you're in the mood for lattes, burritos, curry, or pizza, you can find a comfortable place to eat close to home. When you’re ready to learn a new skill or meet a new friend, the library and community centre have programs for all ages. 

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Real estate in Leslieville is single family homes and newer condos. It’s popular for working age professionals and young families seeking schools, commutability, and outdoor space. 

Local Insight: “The Leslieville Farmer’s Market is the best one in the city in my opinion. The food is so good- and the live music!” 

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What to Expect: Recreation and walkability. Woodbine Park has trails, a skateboard park, and a splash pad. Greenwood Park has an off-leash dog area, baseball diamonds, and a skating rink. There are a variety of independent stores in Leslieville selling everything from pet essentials to home brewery supplies. Commuters can get on streetcars or buses on Queen, Carlaw and Greenwood. The Gardiner Expressway, DVP, and Lakeshore Boulevard are all nearby. Get downtown easily, or stay home for anything you need. In fact, downtown visitors come to Leslieville for the personality of its local restaurants and shops!

What NOT to Expect: Fast-paced downtown energy. If you live in Leslieville you get more serenity than downtown, but it is not without its own creative energy. 

A Day in the Life: Walk from your Leslieville condo to the bagel bar at Purple Penguin Cafe. Admire the work of local artists at a gallery. Then, browse through vinyl at a record shop and finally find that psychedelic album you’ve been looking for. Pick up two cupcakes at Bobette & Belle to surprise your son with when you pick him up from school. Walk to Greenwood Park together for a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. Drop him with your sitter before date night at The Duke Live. Tomorrow you can ride your bikes down to the water for a day by the lake!

In Summary: Leslieville is a neighbourhood in Toronto that offers the best of both worlds; laid back energy along with eclectic local restaurants and shops. 

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