Distillery District

What to know and love about this Toronto neighbourhood  

Welcome to Distillery District

Toronto’s unique Distillery District offers historical charm and vibrant modern culture. It is located just east of downtown, but feels like a secret world of its own. The streets burst with personality, art, music, and energy. Restaurant patios adjoin galleries, shops, and live theatre. A gem for filmmakers, the district is nicknamed “Hollywood North” because of how often it is featured on screen. Located at the site of the historic Gooderham and Worts Distillery, this diverse area celebrates Toronto’s past while embracing its exciting present. Cheers!

 “you’ll love”

The character. The Distillery District’s beautiful cobblestone streets, heritage buildings, and endless entertainment make for a one of a kind neighbourhood.

 the neighbours

Here you’ll meet working age culture enthusiasts. The majority of Distillery District residents are young adults and middle aged professionals from age 25 to 59. Children in the area are mostly under the age of 5. In terms of Distillery District real estate, there are few detached homes for sale, so many residents live in Distillery District condo buildings

Local Insight: “The Christmas Market is something to look forward to every year. The streets come alive like nowhere else. It’s magical!”

 what its like to live here

What to Expect: Variety. This charming neighbourhood offers a lot to do. You can enjoy dining at cafes, restaurants, and bars. Take in a play, check out paintings at a local gallery, and shop at speciality stores. Festivals and events are always happening, attracting locals and tourists to the area year-round. Or, for a change from the cobblestone, head to nearby Cherry Beach for a stroll in the sand!

What NOT to Expect: It is not one of the more accessible areas for the Toronto subway, so you’ll need to catch a bus to Castle Frank station, or drive to the nearby Gardiner Expressway or the DVP.

A Day in the Life: Wake up to the view of the water from your Distillery District condo deck, then grab a coffee at the cafe while window shopping along scenic streets. Catch the afternoon showing of that great new play at the Soulpepper theatre, then have drinks on a courtyard patio under twinkling lights. Perhaps you can raise a glass of Gooderham and Worts Canadian whiskey to toast your new home! 

In Summary: The Distillery District combines historical charm with the energy of Toronto’s present.

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